Robocalls make kids cry
October 20, 2008, 4:01 pm
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So now we know just how unbelievably pathetic the McCain camp tactics really play to the public.


Palin and Gay Marriage
October 20, 2008, 10:27 am
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From a CNN Ticker article, Sarah Palin recently voiced her disagreement with John McCain on how best to deal with the issue of gay marriage.  To Palin, marriage is a sacred institution that we must secure for the benefit of America.  Well if that’s a shocker from someone who doesn’t understand that a footprint of a man in a dinosaur track might actually mean man might have co-existed with dinosaurs.  When one has such a narrow view of what the new ideas of “family” are, this including adoption or artificial pregnancy methods for homosexual couples, it’s no wonder that her stance is so far right.

The real issue in this statement, is on how much she continues to pull away from her running mate.  I guess no one explained to her yet that a VP candidate is there to support the policies and stances laid out by the current campaign.  Even though you may disagree, airing out your grievances on national news fronts probably makes you look a bit naive and a bit politically immature.

Colin Powell for Obama
October 19, 2008, 10:41 am
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On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Former Secretary of State Colin Powell weighed Obama as “ready to be president.”  He continued to lay out the faults found in the McCain campaign and Republican party.  This could spell the end of the line for McCain/Palin this  election cycle.

Walmart bullying workers to vote Republican
October 16, 2008, 9:26 am
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The Wall Street Journal reported that Walmart has been instructing its workers to oppose Barack Obama, citing that his support of the Employee Free Choice Act would hurt their profits.

If this isn’t something that should be investigated, I don’t know what should.  Well maybe I do.

A number of years ago I went to work at a Walmart Supercenter for a summer job.  Upon being hired I was asked to participate in what I thought would be the average orientation schedule of sexual harassment videos, worker safety, and promotional corporate marketing.  Though all of those were covered, there was an interesting video involving Mr. Garth Brooks.  Granted, there has always been a public connection between Garth and Walmart, but the task he set out for was much more subversive.

In the video, Garth explained the “family” relations that the corporate office wanted to portray to their workers.  We were meant to feel comforted by the gracious opportunity to work for such a respectable company.   However, Garth then went into what we should say if a “union organizer” approached us in the parking lot.  Upon hearing this I audibly laughed, much to the disappointment of those gathered.  This propoganda continued for about 30 minutes and at the end I felt somewhat uncomfortable working in that place.  Needless to say I didn’t stay very long, as I watched the “family” look over me for a position with which I had 3 years experience only to give the title to one of the cashiers because they had a few more months of Walmart time on me.

I was amused by the more modernized advertisements and image shown by Walmart in recent months, but it seems like their old tactics still apply.  A company can endorse which candidate they prefer, but to use your workers to this task is unethical.  Those workers who struggle to make ends meet, shouldn’t feel conflicted as to whether they vote on there own and lose their job or vote for the company and disappoint themselves.

Someone ought to tell McCain that Joe the Plumber probably has to travel to his local Walmart or Lowes because the small business hardware store couldn’t compete with the large chains.  Trust me, I have seen it first hand.

Baby Named Sarah McCain Palin…
October 15, 2008, 3:31 pm
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I think this is idiotic father should have his sanity called into question.  This is right up there with tattooing a profanity on this young girl’s forehead.  This act as a “sign of support for the McCain campaign” is beyond moronic.

I just hope that as the girl grows up and realized how awkward the name is, that she is allowed to rip off his eyebrows with Duct Tape on her birthday.

McCain and Palin sit down with Sean Hannity
October 9, 2008, 9:39 am
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Now I could really go off on Sean Hannity and his inability to even remotely pretend that he was a real journalist, but I think this extremely pathetic attempt at an interview speaks volumes for FoxNews and demographic McCain/Palin want to reach.

My first reaction was at amazing revalation, that many of us suspected, in which John McCain admits in so many words that he and Sarah Palin aren’t very good at communicating.  When asked if they critique each other, he says no.  His strategy is “two words–have fun.”  To that I say, I hope they are having their fun now, because while they polish their one liners and time those winks for more effective wpm (winks per minute) the American people are cringing in fear for their futures.  Strapped citizens are trying to kill themselves because they aren’t finding an answer from their representatives, and McCain/Palin just want to have fun.

The next point was even more amazing to me.  John McCain brings up a point that many special needs children, many of who are autistic, come to the debates and speeches.  McCain wants to give Sarah Palin the task of “finding the cause and cure” for autism, to which he states she is “uniquely qualified.”  Excuse me!?! How is Sarah Palin qualified to find the cure for autism?  Is her expertise in neurological science now?  I thought it was energy?  I guess if you think you can tackle all the worlds problems at once, why can’t your VP with a journalism degree be one of the experts in finding a cure for autism?  There has been much research to suggest a connection between stem cell mutation and autism, so since Sarah Palin objects to stem cell research, does that mean we are back to looking for a cure that she approves of?

Next point energy.  To explain their past differences, Palin states that we need an “all of the above” solution to our energy future.  The funny thing is that Palin and the GOP have often resisted the need for alternative fuels.  What I love is how they can easily cherry pick international examples for societies that have made great strives in energy efficiency.  But didn’t their answer still seem rather vague and more about “drilling” for buzz words and not providing a strategy.

Ugh.  Moose hunting is fun.

Part 2, nothing new here.  McCain continues making the same slips on Obama and foreign policy.  Remember Kosovo?  McCain criticized the air raids ordered by the Bush regime for bombing from high altitudes and hitting non-combat targets.  Palin then adds that Obama has a “gross misunderstanding” of Afghanistan.  I have the feeling Palin still doesn’t know they aren’t our neighbors.  McCain then twists his no vote against funding to be against withdrawal and not against the troops, but that logic is flawed.  A vote against is a vote against.  I don’t want to talk about their broken record of economic policies and their critique of Obama.  Palin goes off on not understanding where Obama plans to get the money for his new spending plans.  I hate to tell them but you can find it on the “Internets.”  McCain then lies again about Obama’s record.

Part 3, almost Ayers.

Once again the lap dog asks the attack dog what more they need to know about the Ayers/Obama relationship.  The truth is that their relationship is no more influential than many of the more atrocious relationships of McCain and Palin.  If this is about judgment and being candid, aren’t the GOP guilty of their own sins?

Palin needed to look McCain in the eye, but since he hasn’t been in Alaska in years, how did she do that in accepting his choice for VP?  More stories from the north.  I wonder what letters she saw in his eyes?  FTL?

Hannity spews some poll numbers that are horribly underrepresented.  By Hannity’s count they are only down by 2 or 3 points.  The fact is that they were down by nearly double digits in most of the polls.  I guess math isn’t their strong suit either. Of course Hannity has an honorary degree given to him by Jerry Fallwell, seeing as how Hannity has always been described as an “indifferent student.”  Learning makes my brain parts hurt!

All I can say that for Hannity to stage this “infomercial” for the McCain campaign is a show of a lack of professionalism and just how inauthentic Hannity truly is.  There were no real questions asked.  Hannity set the questions up on a silver platter for McCain/Palin to hit out of the park like a coach prepping the Tee-ball team.  Granted most of the people who watch this “show” are already sold on the GOP and will buy any line that comes out of the conservative right’s mouth.  If you haven’t seen Hannity get his lies thrown back at him, You Tube it.  How many days left until Nov. 4?

Cindy McCain missed something
October 9, 2008, 9:00 am
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CNN reported that Cindy McCain went on the offensive calling Obama’s support for the troops into question.  Cindy cites Obama’s 2007 vote against a bill for support for the troops in Iraq.  It is true that Obama didn’t support that particular bill but John McCain wasn’t even present for that vote.  Obama and many others wanted a timetable for an exit plan.

When another bill came forth with a timetable and similar funding, McCain voted against it.

So let’s see if the argument holds any water from Cindy.

Obama/Biden don’t think or care about the troops.  Well Biden’s son is there and Obama has been trying to find a solution for better funding and a realistic strategy for withdrawal from the start of this illegal war.

Obama/Biden are running the “dirtiest” campaign in American history.  Well some would say that honor should be given to the 2000 Bush campaign, who skewered John McCain with lies and smear tactics.  But this more recent “soft” attack on Obama’s patriotism and race-baiting is perhaps a bit dirtier.  When someone comes right out and throws mud in your face, you can wipe it off and fight back.  When a campaign twists facts and incites an angry public into near violence, by writing “hate me” on the backs of the Obama campaign; something is afoul.  Where did McCain’s honor go?  The same place that his hopes to pull this one out went.