Rick Davis dismisses Powell endorsement
October 20, 2008, 3:07 pm
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On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, McCain campaign advisor Rick Davis shrugged off the Colin Powell endorsement of Sen. Obama with little more than a “I don’t care.”  To quote Davis:

Look, I doubt if Colin Powell is equipped to do a whole lot of political prognostication. That’s what you guys do, right?

It’s funny that the campaign can respect an individual’s opinion when it benefits them, but when it swings the other way that person immediately becomes less than credible.  Davis even went so far as to say that Powell’s description of the McCain tactics as of late as demagoguery;

John McCain tried to point out how people should be informed about Barack Obama’s background, including his relationships with domestic terrorists like William Ayers. People are going to form these judgments. It’s great fodder for us to debate every day. I think it’s fun

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Davis finds attacking his opposition with unethical ploys as “fun.”  It’s ok to endanger a political figure by inciting already tense citizens with calls of terrorism and baby-killing.  The RNC should be much more mindful of how they throw around the “socialist” tag when referring to Obama.  For most Americans there isn’t too much of a gap between being socialist and being a communist.  In fact, for most there is no difference.  To those few, either case makes them un-American.

Davis might want to take a step back from his conservative soap-box and work on using some tactics other than the most recent childish theatrics.   I think this recent turn  has exhibited that  too much unchecked defense truly becomes offensive.  I wonder if Rick hand counts his take away money from his interesting investment histories?  I heard there’s alot of cocaine on those bills.  That may explain how touchy he is as of late.  Maybe it’s just because his advice is equaling negative numbers.

The real thing that makes me angry is how flippant Rick Davis can be on Gen. Powell’s observations.  Why should anyone believe what Rick Davis has to say on any issue?  What’s his experience?


Palin and Gay Marriage
October 20, 2008, 10:27 am
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From a CNN Ticker article, Sarah Palin recently voiced her disagreement with John McCain on how best to deal with the issue of gay marriage.  To Palin, marriage is a sacred institution that we must secure for the benefit of America.  Well if that’s a shocker from someone who doesn’t understand that a footprint of a man in a dinosaur track might actually mean man might have co-existed with dinosaurs.  When one has such a narrow view of what the new ideas of “family” are, this including adoption or artificial pregnancy methods for homosexual couples, it’s no wonder that her stance is so far right.

The real issue in this statement, is on how much she continues to pull away from her running mate.  I guess no one explained to her yet that a VP candidate is there to support the policies and stances laid out by the current campaign.  Even though you may disagree, airing out your grievances on national news fronts probably makes you look a bit naive and a bit politically immature.

Buchanan’s Deck is Full of Race Cards
October 20, 2008, 10:20 am
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Here we see Pat Buchanan cherry-picking slights on Gen. Powell’s endorsement of Barack Obama.  To claim that Powell made his selection primarily for race is insulting, and blatantly meant to cause more racist badgering.

Joan Walsh was right to claim that his assumptions were “beneath him” but I would say that they aren’t unexpected.  Buchanan has assumed that immigration allows for too many “non-whites” to enter into our country, thereby creating a “third world” state for our future generations.  It’s funny that my skin color may be much like that of Mr. Buchanan, but I couldn’t be farther from him in identity.  I guess this just proves that race can only unify you so far, intelligence makes a stronger glue than melanin.

Obama in Missouri
October 20, 2008, 9:24 am
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100,000 approx. in Missouri for Obama.  An amazing sight for an azmaing election year.

100,000 approx. in Missouri for Obama. An amazing sight for an azmaing election year.

From CNN.

Colin Powell for Obama
October 19, 2008, 10:41 am
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On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Former Secretary of State Colin Powell weighed Obama as “ready to be president.”  He continued to lay out the faults found in the McCain campaign and Republican party.  This could spell the end of the line for McCain/Palin this  election cycle.

Got Racism?
October 17, 2008, 9:04 am
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Obama Bucks from Inland GOP

Obama Bucks from Inland GOP

Just when the McCain camp thought they had snuffed all the “racist” inferences in their campaign, a GOP women’s group decided to mail out to its supporters a extremely insulting.  The creator responded to questions by stating that her intention was to “point out the outrageousness” of Obama’s statement about his not looking like the Presidents on our money.

The real kicker was that she actually wanted us to believe that she didn’t mean to be insulting.  To her the food items, which are often connected with racial slurs on African-Americans, were, “…just food to me.  I didn’t mean anything else.”  Wow.  So I guess racial slurs are “just a bunch of letters” and maybe lynchings are “just boys being boys.”  To add to the insult, Diane Fidele stated that she didn’t mean it to be racist, as she once supported Alan Keyes.  That sort of logic is weaker than those who show their bigotry and brush it off by saying, “It’s okay, I have a black friend.”

This group has had other charged statement including an image of Obama next to Osama bin Laden and even a plea for its members to “Waterboard Barack Obama.”  For any group of political supporters to endorse hate is disgusting, but for them to invited physical torture of a respected federal figure, who may be our President soon, is disgusting, immoral, and certainly un-American.

So if the “Obama bucks” image was originally circulated in a mass email forwarded amongst likeminded bigots, is it so much of a stretch to think this is more common than not?  Would the McCain/Palin campaign like to take a closer look at that base it prizes so firmly?  They may shoot back that there are Obama supporters wearing shirts that say “Sarah Palin is a C*^T.”  I think these are just as offensive and would hope that the Obama campaign does what it can to denounce these ignoramuses.   Then again, wasn’t it reported that John McCain once called his wife the c-word at a public function?  No, the word wasn’t Cindy either.

Yes it is true that political caricature and satire have been around in just as insulting forms for ages, but isn’t it time we “grow up” a bit, and act like adults?

WTF 04: Crisis
October 16, 2008, 10:49 am
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Well the RNC are at it again.  Their latest video begs the question of whether we would want the “executive experience” lacking Obama to be sitting in the White House during the ongoing financial crisis.  It would seem that the RNC wants you to believe that their candidate(s) would be ready on day one.

Did we forget this:

or this revelation stated in the Boston Globe?

I guess you can try to scare the public with being inexperienced, but you are unable to understand economics and Sarah Palin has a hard time understanding the concepts of the world economic systems.

You better start planning for 2012 and quit beating this dead horse.