Cindy McCain missed something
October 9, 2008, 9:00 am
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CNN reported that Cindy McCain went on the offensive calling Obama’s support for the troops into question.  Cindy cites Obama’s 2007 vote against a bill for support for the troops in Iraq.  It is true that Obama didn’t support that particular bill but John McCain wasn’t even present for that vote.  Obama and many others wanted a timetable for an exit plan.

When another bill came forth with a timetable and similar funding, McCain voted against it.

So let’s see if the argument holds any water from Cindy.

Obama/Biden don’t think or care about the troops.  Well Biden’s son is there and Obama has been trying to find a solution for better funding and a realistic strategy for withdrawal from the start of this illegal war.

Obama/Biden are running the “dirtiest” campaign in American history.  Well some would say that honor should be given to the 2000 Bush campaign, who skewered John McCain with lies and smear tactics.  But this more recent “soft” attack on Obama’s patriotism and race-baiting is perhaps a bit dirtier.  When someone comes right out and throws mud in your face, you can wipe it off and fight back.  When a campaign twists facts and incites an angry public into near violence, by writing “hate me” on the backs of the Obama campaign; something is afoul.  Where did McCain’s honor go?  The same place that his hopes to pull this one out went.