WTF 01: Mum
September 28, 2008, 10:50 pm
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I had an idea to start a new portion of this blog directed at responding to some of the more outrageous political ads found on the web and television.  These will be known as WTF’s or Wrongfully Twisted Facts.  Though I know that “spinning” the truth has become a tried and true tactic, which I know is different than a strategy Sen. McCain, the often short sighted views and notions portrayed need another pair of eyes for explaination.

To start off I was extremely disappointed when I saw this ad from the McCain/Palin campaign:

So basicaly we are to believe that it was John McCain who saved the country by forming the bailout plan, understanding the economy as it were, and leading his fellow Congressmen into the light of recovery?  But is that really the truth?

To add more slightly less than true statements to the fire, they go so far as to claim that Obama was “mum on the market crisis” and that the democratic majority leader, Harry Reid, had claimed that no one knew what to do.  Well that may have been fairly true for the week before the crisis came to a head, but when the warning sirens went off, it seems to be the case that Obama offered some suggestions on what should be done before McCain had settled how he should recover from the gaffes let loose by himself and Gov. Palin.  So for that line I think we can agree that McCain loses a point.

So how much help did Sen. McCain add to this process?  If you take into consideration that McCain jumped from ignoring the crisis, to wanting to fire the Secretary of the Treasury, to being melodramatic about his role, and then interrupting the prior work done by the bipartisan party committees; then I guess John McCain did do “something.”  Of course the guidelines being put forth, which were ironically suggested by Obama, have been stalled on several occasions by a small faction of Conservative Republicans.  Now I wonder who they back and asked for directions when he was in town?

There was even more damning evidence that McCain was the real “mum”mer, when those attending the photo-op meeting of the President, McCain, and Obama claimed that the only person consistently asking questions during that time was Obama.  McCain was curiously silent.  Too bad his press makers weren’t so keen on that fact.

So how thin is the ice one can jump on when talking about economic crusadership?  It’s amazing to see how far John McCain has come from not understanding the basics of economic policy to crafting the guidelines that could save the markets, your retirement, and that kitty in the tree over there (look out  your window.)  If you looked you might just have bought the ad from the start.  🙂


Can you call a time out in an election?
September 24, 2008, 3:41 pm
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John McCain just announced that he wants to cease his campaign in order to convene the political elites to find an economic crisis solution. (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, FOX) The effort, all edged to have been initiated by Barrack Obama, was to “to lead a bipartisan effort to solve this problem.”  That agreed upon tactic would work if one of the participants doesn’t haul off and release a nationally broadcast statement of their individual plans to solve this crisis.

Part of me sees this like when you are making too much noise in the back of the car and your parents turn around and say, “Knock it off or I’m am turning this car around and going home!” Or more appropriately, when you are playing a game against someone who doesn’t want to lose and they knock over the game table and cry foul!

The sentiment from McCain could be called into question but his timing is horrible. If he was such an economic savior, he should have called for this unison months ago. This unending flailing for some semblance of leadership only makes his campaign look like snake oil salesmen finding whatever pitch will grab their customers. I have resisted the further fiasco with Governor Palin having photo-ops to prover her “stature” among the leaders of the world.

When will they learn that a real leader doesn’t bend the people to their needs, but bends their abilities to the needs of their people. Further stalling of the debates won’t make people believe in you more, it will only serve to make them scratch their heads in disbelief.

McCain– as a self affirmed “non-expert” on the economy, please do not play America for a fool and muddy the murky economic crisis further.