FTW 01: Loki’s Wager
September 30, 2008, 8:54 am
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In another new segment to this blog I am going to highlight one fallacy made by a political figure and point out where the logical disconnect occurs.  This will be known as FTW or Fallacy of the Week.  Enjoy.

FTW 01: Loki’s Wager

Remember back when John McCain suggested that the way to approach the impending economic crisis was to form a commission in order to find out what went wrong.  Well that tactic was an example of what is known as “Loki’s Wager.”  The essence of the logical fallacy is that if you can’t define a topic then you cannot discuss a topic.  By trying to dissuade immediate action, possibly in order to stall things until after the elections, McCain displayed his inability to understand the basics of the crisis.

It’s funny that many politicians have no problem tackling such abstract concepts as terrorism, intelligent design, or alternative fuel engineering; yet can call for “time outs” when the ball is rolling away from their political favor.