When Obama met O’Reilly

I am anxious to see the remaining videos but I wish I could edit out Bill’s annoying interview style from these sessions.

I find it amazing that Bill can effectively edit a conversation while it’s going on. You usually can make sound bites play to your advantage in the post-production booth but Bill sets up his questions to pull out the words he needs to support his points and then shuts off the speaker when that happens. He has always been a loud talker and used his voice to intimidate his “guests” but the nonchalant attitude in which O’Reilly discounts anything his often more experienced guests have to say is embarrassing. I sometimes feel like I am Michael Scott from NBC’s the Office when O’Reilly tries to link together talking points.

As for Pt.1 of this interview, I think Obama did well to talk directly to O’Reilly and not add in too many blanket catch phrases. I nearly did a spit-take when they agreed on so many points but was eager to hear more.

I think the point at which I laughed most of all was when “Papa Bear” used the word bloviate to describe the manner in which Barrack spoke in a prior speech. Come on Bill after reading the prose you put down in your books and hearing countless interviews, did you really think you could slip this “word of the day” entry into casual conversation?

Part 2

I think the conversation was fairly clear and even though Bill was a bit pushy, they shed alot of light on Obama’s plan.  I found O’Reilly’s comments on the government wanting to take his money very fickle and childish (surprise, surprise).  The real point for me was how Bill O’Reilly can put on the economic specialist hat and tell Obama that everything he plans won’t work.  I found this segment to be rather “vanilla.”

By the way Bill, we are constantly in a state of class warfare in this country.  Those with all the money spend too much time influencing their sponsored politicians to keep their money safe from the plebians.  It would be less of a fighting point if we had a larger culture of philanthropy and social responsibility, but that would mean that O’Reilly would have to give up driving his Porsche to pick up his scrambled condor eggs.

Part 3

Associations?  This could have been a very interesting interview but Bill went with another childish manner of accusations.  Ayers, Wright…  He should have just said I heard you freed Willie Horton and some say you eat dead babies.  Both candidates have associations they would rather keep away from public scruitiny but to make these tenuous connections about people that aren’t terribly influential on a person is callous and pedantic.

Part 4

Ahh Billy, you don’t explore possibilities unless you can have one direct plan that you put all your money behind regardless if it will be the solution or not.  Once again Bill O’Reilly knows that answer that all the politicians don’t.  Maybe he needs to run for office, but then again the real politicians would eat him alive.

I love the gung-ho attitude on the second point about the Middle East.  “Why won’t the Germans fight?”  That’s like saying why won’t the other kids play with me after I threw dirt in their eyes for 6 years?  I wonder.  “Europe is weak. ”  Well that may be true in the eyes of a violently driven cowboy warmonger, but the other civilized nations understand that we can’t throw more oil on a fire to put it out.

I did like the basketball challenge at the end.  I guess we found out how Bill is going to get into politics as Secretary of State.  Maybe Sarah Palin won some sort of shooting competition for VP.  Thinking back on Cheney’s history, maybe they did implement a mandatory target shooting evaluation.