Sam Harris on Palin and Elitism
September 21, 2008, 10:40 pm
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If you haven’t read Sam Harris’ comments on Sarah Palin and the concepts of political elitism, you might want to give it a read.  Though much of his insights won’t actually sink in to those who need their revelations the most, his words might just make you sit back and reflect on the state of our intellectual union.   I was glad to see someone point out the absurd notion that when asked to be VP, Palin didn’t hesitate or blink.  Yes she qualified that statement by saying she discussed it with her family, but for someone so new to the political stage to have the gall to step up without hesitation is amazing and frightening all at once.

From the article, I was most impressed with the way Harris summarizes our country’s, and the Republican party’s, fascination with elevating mediocrity to a upper tier level of the American value set.  I have always felt nauseous when someone argues that “everyone’s a winner” or “it’s ok because you tried your best.”  Well frankly, it’s not ok to reward failure with the same frequency as success.  You know what happens when you raise a generation of students on the mantra of “everyone wins” ?  You get whiners who bring in their parents to demand that the school matriculate their son or daughter just because they paid the tuition and their good kids.  The kids won’t learn how to actually work for what they earn and instead become social leeches feeding off the pity of those who toiled and labored to find their place.

We have lost the ability to think beyond our own needs and sphere of recognition.  We isolate ourselves with technology and then desensitize ourselves from the fact that there is such a thing as community.  Heaven forbid if someone tries to organize something in that community.  Good deeds used to be something we cherished more than acquired goods.

Remember there is no “I” in America.  Wait.

There is no “me” in America.  Wait, wait.

There is no “we” in America.  Yeah that’s better.

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