Worst Answer Ever!!!
October 1, 2008, 11:15 am
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When asked what newspaper sources or magazines she had read to stay informed, Sarah Palin gave what could be the most elusive and vague answer I have seen in recent memory.

Couric: “What newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this, to stay informed? To understand the world…”

Palin: “I’ve read most of them, again, with a great appreciation for the press and the media coming..

Couric: “Like what ones specifically?”

Palin: “All of them, any of them that have been in front of me all these years.  I have a vast variety of sources  where we get our news… Alaska isn’t a foreign country; where it’s kind of suggested that–wow–how could you keep in touch with the rest of Washington DC may be thinking and doing when you live up there  in Alaska.   Alaska is a microcosm of America.”

After I picked up the brain matter that had tried to run away from this vacuous rambling, I reflected on what I just heard.

  1. Not being able to cite one source for your knowledge shows a lack of intelligence.  I wonder if you just flipped through the paper to get to the comics and still can claim that as scanning the “Times?”  It’s almost like watching comedy with the sound off, you probably missed something important.
  2. No one is suggesting that Alaskans can’t or don’t read the same news as everyone else, they are suggesting that you don’t read the same news that an elected official NEEDS to stay abreast of current events.
  3. Once again bringing up your self-imposed “alien nation” status of Alaska being like a “foreign country” to many Americans doesn’t relate to this question. In fact I can name several internationally created journals and newspapers that I read regularly to keep up with many views on the same subject.  So does that mean I am being unAmerican or more inquisitive?  I am feeling that I could debate Palin and come out looking like a seasoned Washington pro…
  4. Word of advice-when asked for specifics you can never answer in the same phrase or argument, “All of them and any of them.”  This is a logical fallacy and, for lack of a better term, quite idiotic.  If you can’t name one, just say it and appear like the Jane-Six-Pack you want to be.  Those damn intellectuals with their books and reading and thinking.  Jesus didn’t read, he fished.

Would someone in the McCain campaign stop her already.  America might see this as the most intelligent executive decision you could make.  Any boss that hired a worker to only find that instead of processing data they spend most days tasting the White Out, would probably find removing that employee a positive move.

Anyone else notice how uncomfortable Katie Couric looked during that answer?  I could feel her brain going, “Say something. Please don’t nod and let her get away with this.  Oh you’re nodding.  Chalk one more up to cowardice.  I wonder where Matt Lauer is now?”


Gotcha works when you’re guilty
September 30, 2008, 11:20 am
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If you missed the original issue, look on YouTube for Palin and Cheesesteak.  The real issue for me isn’t that her statement contradicts the McCain viewpoint on how to deal with terrorists, but rather that they have walked down another pathway to dementia.

Instead of admitting that Palin was being too general in her “strategy” the McCain campaign adds another “name” to the list of enemies on their political paranoia parchment. (ooo I love alliteration.) If it isn’t the liberal devils surfing the “Googles” then it’s those harsh media critics that stray from the preordained set of easy pitch questions packaged by the campaign.

To watch these two in action defending themselves against the journalistic skills of Katie Couric should send shivers down the spine of all Americans.  If Palin can’t keep up with Couric, imagine what President Zidari must have thought.  Kissinger probably wanted to bludgeon himself with a candelabra during their time at the UN.  Come on, Kissinger has worked alongside some of the most influential world figures in our history.  Mao Zhedong.  Leonid Brezhnev. Now he can add Palin to that list.

Of course maybe McCain forgot what Kissinger once said about military men, you know, those “‘dumb, stupid animals to be used’ as pawns for foreign policy.”

So is it “gotcha” journalism that makes what she said less relevant or do we want to revisit the “gotcha” moment that made Obama less favorable with those bitter, gun toting Pennsylvanians?  Probably not, because that was groundbreaking journalism or was it the same?

The amazing bravado of McCain and Palin to pretend to be on the same level as Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton, is sickening.  I find it hard to take people seriously if they display such polar attitudes in such short spans of time.  Watching Palin chuckle about the new term she adopted, “gotcha journalism”, and then put on her serious face to continue to show her disdain is mind-boggling.

On a side note, I am very tired of hearing this new “tactic” by McCain to criticize those who make statements about what should be done to fight and find the terrorists we face as enemies.  His repeated line of, “you don’t announce that you are going to attack” seems to be right in line with the Bush doctrine doesn’t it?  He doesn’t deny that he may attack Pakistan, he just wants to make sure it’s a surprise.  I wonder what other terrorist harboring, freedom wanting, non-Democratic countries the McCain/Palin empire wants to liberate from the chains of oppression.

Oh, sorry.  I shouldn’t have revealed that premade policy, kinda like that debate victory ad…

Lipstick Politics

It’s funny how easy it is to demand apologies for rhetoric used in campaign speeches. No one demanded apologies for McCain suggesting that we bomb Iran, for calling a young voter a “jerk“, or when he allowed disturbing 9/11 footage to be shown during the Republican convention.  It is also embarrassing to count the alarming number of ads sponsored by McCain that feature outright lies and misleading statements about his opponent.  I guess if you are going to propagate lies in your campaign speeches it is reasonable that you should keep them the same in your ads.  I guess some politicians will do anything to win except look inward.

From CNN it was reported that McCain wants an apology from Obama for relating an eerily similar quote about pigs and lipstick, that was previously used by McCain to address a proposal by Hillary Clinton!  Once you read the full quote from Obama it is clear that the saying is not intended as an insult to Sara Palin, anymore than questioning someone’s patriotism for not wearing a superficial pin on their lapel.

This seems to fit right in with the Republican short-term memory loss syndrome.  They have also forgotten that their “anti-lobbyist” maverick has had around 60 Washington lobbyists participating in the McCain campaign. The mavericks are trying to spin a campaign of change but have forgotten that in order to change it is their own policies that have served them the last 8 years that need to be changed.  And to forget that the maverick “Pit bull” took taxpayer money for not only an infamous bridge to nowhere specific but has also fleeced the pockets of hard working Americans in an unethical practice of charging per diem rates to Alaska for staying in her own home, is rather despicable.

The Alaskan legislators went so far as to wear buttons asking “Where’s Sarah” in honor to her rather common absence from the day to day executive business of her position. I wonder how much it would cost to have her charge per diem rates for staying at home in Alaska as Vice President?  I mean we wouldn’t want to interrupt her ability to remain untouchable and still plan those hockey mom dinner parties.    Then again there was a fair amount of brush clearing being done in Texas during this administration.

For McCain to scream “Rat” at this point is childish and stinks of despair.   Frankly, if you look at the pork barrel trends commonly acted upon by Republican politics and most specifically Palin, is it so far from the truth to use a reference to a porcine species?  What’s that other phrase, “You can’t make a silk purse from a sow’s ear.”  Well the Republicans are getting close with this side show of a campaign.